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創不同遊歷 — 曼谷之旅 MaD Trip to Bangkok

August 8, 2011

























Sharing after FLASH MOB ACTIONS in Bangkok’s shopping area – you can create a lot of happiness without spending a penny.


























Social innovation by elders and children in Ampawa – while sons and daughters and moms and dads are away for work in the city, grannies and grand kids empower themselves and create a sustainable community.

















Entrepreneurial spirit – villagers created new value by bringing together traditions, people and nature.



Participating MaDees will share more about their own stories and reflections at the MaD Trip blog. Stay tuned!

















“甚麼是明天 三十乘三十創意展” (香港) “what’s next 30 x 30” (Hong Kong)

August 3, 2011

MaD的老朋友香港設計師/藝術家又一山人奔走世界各地逾兩年,與海外及中港台30位在他30年創作路上影響他深遠的大師、或理念相同的創作人、或他極欣賞的新一代力量開展名為「創作的明天」的對談。這30位來自不同界別、年代的著名創作大師,像山本耀司、朱銘、蔡明亮、靳埭强等與又一山人在「甚麼是明天  三十乘三十創意展」展出呼應對談內容,跨越藝術、設計、攝影、電影、音樂等範疇共60件作品。

展覽現已在港島東ArtisTree舉行至八月九日,而八月七日(星期日)早上十一時更有特地為MaD 而設的免費導賞團,有興趣的MaDees請快將姓名及聯絡電話電郵至,謝謝。

2011 marks the thirtieth year in the creative career of the Hong Kong-based designer, anothermountainman, who takes this opportunity to initiate the “what’s next 30 x 30” creative project, with a view to individually and also collectively look back, be present and move forward. anothermountainman trotted the world for the past two years to engage in dialogue with grand masters who have inspired him greatly, with like-minded contemporaries and with amiable new creative talents.

These 30 creative minds of different generations and from different disciplines, such as Yohji Yamamoto, Ju Ming,Tsai Ming-Liang,KanTai Keung, will be exhibiting a piece specially created or selected in response to this dialogue on the future of creativity. The works on exhibit embrace a multitude of creative disciplines in art, design, photography, cinema, music, fashion and more.

This “what’s next 30 x 30” creative exhibition is now held at ArtisTree till 9 August. There will be free guided tour for MaD conducted by anothermountainman at 11am on This Sunday (7 August) at ArtisTree. Please send your name and mobile number to if you would like to join. Hope to see you there!