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做個不切實際的夢Be an unrealistic dreamer

June 21, 2011



“你們或是我們都能成為同樣的「非現實的夢想家」的話,一個超越國境與文化的「精神的共同體」將可形成 […] 我認為,那會是在近年遭遇各種嚴重災害,以及極度悲慘的恐怖的我們通往再生之路的出發點。我們不能畏懼做夢。我們不能讓我們的腳步,被名為「效率」及「便利」的喪犬們追上。我們必須以堅定的腳步成為一個不斷前進的「非現實的夢想家」…” (譯自日語原文;來源:上述結連)

When the unsettled aftermath in Japan fades out from our news, Haruki Murakami makes a point about the nuclear crisis in his acceptance speech for the International Catalunya Prize.

See how he talks about disasters and the Japanese psyche, and what he sees as fundamentally wrong:

“It’s really wonderful that you and we equally can build “the house of unrealistic dreamers” […] and “the moral community”, which are open to every country and culture. This is the starting point for our rebirth, since we experienced many natural disasters and acts of terrorism recently. We must not be afraid to dream. We should never allow the evil dogs named “efficiency” or “convenience” to catch up with us. We must be “unrealistic dreamers”, who go forward vigorously…” (Translated from original speech in Japanese; from the above link)


Global Innovation Academy coming to HK!

June 15, 2011

MaD Asia衝出亞洲,名字出現在今期英國社會創新組織Global Innovation Academy 的Newsletter創刊號! (瀏覽 Newletter

文中提及MaD現正密鑼緊鼓籌備在今年8月與Global Innovation Academy合作舉辦的活動,期望以走在最前的思維建立亞洲新一代的創新領袖。 

Global Innovation Academy是國際創新組織Young Foundation新成立的機構,集結創見和多人智慧面對社會需要。Young Foundation在研究、推動政策改變和鼓勵人創意運用尖端科技上都做得有聲有色。自2005年成立以來,Young Foundation已成立和支持了40多個社會創新組織,以創意面對社會挑戰:

* Studio Schools – 傳統教育制度以考試為主,扼殺了不少學生的潛能,Studio Schools的課程切合學生個人興趣,安排活動教學,讓學生發揮才能。

* Action for Happiness – 城市雖然物質豐富,人們卻少見笑容。Action for Happiness舉辦多個活動,令社會更多歡樂。

* Maslaha – 英國人口中有不少是回教徒。Maslaha期望打破種族間的隔膜,助回教徒處理生活難題。

Global Innovation Academy已踏足星加玻、澳洲、芬蘭和西班牙等地。今年8月來臨香港,支持青年朋友追求社會創新。千萬別錯過這難能可貴的機會!


MaD is mentioned onGlobalInnovationAcademy’s inaugural newsletter! (Click to read the Newsletter)

It’s mentioned that MaD’s collaborating with Global Innovation Academy this August to nurture the next generation of innovators inAsia.

GlobalInnovationAcademyis a new initiative launched by Young Foundation, seeking to incubate insights and innovative solutions to tackle social needs.  Based inLondon, Young Foundation is a pioneer in research, influencing policy and inspiring people to use technology creatively.  Since 2005, Young Foundation has created and supported over 40 social ventures to ease social problems with creativitiy:

*     Studio Schools – unleashes the potential of young people through unique and personalized curriculum

*      Action for Happiness – promotes happiness in society

*      Maslaha – seeks to break cultural barrier and helps Muslims to face everyday dilemma

Global Innovation Academyhas already brought its Academy pathfinder to Singapore, Australia, Finlandand Spain. You don’t have to travel all the way abroad coz it’s coming to Hong Kong in August for the collaboration with MaD.  Don’t miss this wonderful chance to be empowered! Check for our latest updates!