The Good Gym – Do Good & Get Fit

March 30, 2011

如果你發覺自己越來越肥,計劃做運動,但又不喜歡沈悶的跑步機,你可以考慮試試The Good Gym的方法:

The Good Gym將想跑步的人與行動不便的獨居朋友連繫。你跑到他們家,送上他們需要的東西,大家談談天,然後繼續跑。當你一邊跑、一邊做好嘢,然後越來越健康時,你探訪的朋友也得到他們需要的一份報紙、新鮮蔬菜……以及與人接觸的機會。

If you are getting fatter and fatter and want to start exercising, here is something to consider:The Good Gym, a social innovation project started by a group of Londoners who want to exercise but hate the boredom of the gym.

The Good Gym connects runners to isolated less-mobile people. Runners jog to their house, deliver something nice, have a brief chat and are on their way again.

It helps people get fit by providing a good reason to go for a run, and helps the person being visited by providing them with a newspaper, groceries and nice human contact.



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