The Uniform Project: the same dress in 365 days

March 9, 2011

有翻過潮流雜誌的你,對那些七天mix & match示範大概不會陌生。發起The Uniform Project的Sheena將七天mix & match的精神發揚光大。在整整一年當中,Sheena的每天主打只是一條小黑裙。這項創意大挑戰並不是Sheena的無聊念頭:這是一項可持續發展的習作和支持在印度為貧民窟孩子提供教育的非牟利機構Akanksha Foundation 的籌款活動。

Sheena所有用來打扮的配件都不是買回來的,有些是廢物利用,有些則是來自他人。支持The Uniform Project的人,不單可以直接捐款,還可以捐出家中有餘的飾物給Sheena。


The Uniform Project首年籌得美金$103,378 ,支持287個孩子上學。

Flipping through the magazine, you can often find the 7-day styling guide in the abundance of cosmetic and high fashion ads.  In The Uniform Project, Sheena is pushing it to the extreme. Instead of a few main items for a whole week, Sheena wears the same little black dress for 365 days! This creative challenge is not just a random wild thought. Sheena does it with a cause: it is an exercise in sustainability and a fundraiser to support the Akanksha Foundation – a non-profit organization providing education to children living in Indian slums.

All the mix and match is done by recycled or donated accessories. So, if you support what Sheena is doing, you may choose from donating cash to the Akanksha Foundation or donating your unused accesories to help Sheena to sustain her project.

Sheena demonstrates that you can be stylish and socially conscious at the same time. Doing good does not mean that you have to stay being a hermit and stay away from the enjoyment of life. What you need afterall is CREATIVITY. Voice out your cause and make it fun.

The first year of The Uniform Project raised US$103,378 supporting 287 kids in school.


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