The Story of Electronics

March 7, 2011

In discussing electronic goods, most of the viewpoints surrounding us are micro and left-brained – how many mm thinner, how many seconds faster the process works, how many more hours the battery works…

How about looking it in a macro way – what are the social effects of the manufacture of the electronic goods? The Story of Electronics ( tells you more about these. (You will also find out why repairing a broken DVD player is often more expensive than buying a new one.

And think about your need instead of what others are telling you- does one need to be occupied by the phone, the iPad, the PSP every second on the way home?

With the $6000 ‘bonanza’, it seems that buying the iPad 2, or replacing the ‘old’ iPad with the seemingly upgraded one is a must-to-do without much thoughts needed. After watching The Story of Electronics, would you put some more thoughts in it?



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