Google Science Fair

March 3, 2011

For those young science lovers (13 – 18 years old ) out there who have brilliant ideas of creative science projects and want to change the world with the power of science, here’s a great chance for you to present your ideas to the whole world and win once in a life time prizes from Google. That is the Google Science Fair!

As a former engineering student and physics lover, I wish I could have such a chance when I was still a young school girl. So don’t hesitate and take action!

如果你是狂熱的科技愛好者,如果你有想做的或者正在進行的科學項目,如果你希望用科技的力量令世界變得更美好,那現在在你面前有一個絕佳的機會。你可以向全世界展示你的聰明才智,並贏走此生一次的大獎。這就是Google Science Fair!當然,你也要夠年輕(13-18歲)。




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