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The Good Gym – Do Good & Get Fit

March 30, 2011

如果你發覺自己越來越肥,計劃做運動,但又不喜歡沈悶的跑步機,你可以考慮試試The Good Gym的方法:

The Good Gym將想跑步的人與行動不便的獨居朋友連繫。你跑到他們家,送上他們需要的東西,大家談談天,然後繼續跑。當你一邊跑、一邊做好嘢,然後越來越健康時,你探訪的朋友也得到他們需要的一份報紙、新鮮蔬菜……以及與人接觸的機會。

If you are getting fatter and fatter and want to start exercising, here is something to consider:The Good Gym, a social innovation project started by a group of Londoners who want to exercise but hate the boredom of the gym.

The Good Gym connects runners to isolated less-mobile people. Runners jog to their house, deliver something nice, have a brief chat and are on their way again.

It helps people get fit by providing a good reason to go for a run, and helps the person being visited by providing them with a newspaper, groceries and nice human contact.



11 Steps For Starving Students That Will Make A Difference For The Environment

March 23, 2011

Let’s go GREEN! We encounter lots and lots of messages and ads advocating us to go green everyday, even on the ad space next to the escalator in MTR station. We know that all of us should lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. But, HOW?

Here you are 11 steps for us to start to be more friendly to our environment. These steps are tailor-made for starving students, meaning that you don’t have to spend much!

Some of the steps, like getting a bike, may not sound very feasible in Hong Kong. But maybe we shouldn’t stop just as we see obstacle. It can be the hint for us to see what have to be done as to create a better living space for all of us!


人文視野看日本 Japanese Art: Humanistic Perspectives

March 22, 2011

藝術賞析課程 + 請捐助日本救援工作


47 (星期四)晚上8時至10 從史前時代的石圈說到大和繪
410(星期日)下午3時至5 將軍的年代:權力與無為之間
414(星期四)晚上8時至10 日本現代化:西方人東來、町的出現以至明治維新
417(星期日)下午3時至5 二十世紀:大戰前後至泡沬爆破後的當代日本




香港紅十字會Hong Kong Red Cross
Save the Children Australia
香港世界宣明會World Vision Hong Kong




Charity Lectures on Japanese Art + Please Donate to Japan
Japanese Art: Humanistic Perspectives

Date, Time and Content
7 April (Thur) 8:00-10:00PM From Prehistory to Classical Japanese Art
10 April (Sun) 3:00-5:00PM Reign of the Shogun: Between Prowess and Nothingness
14 April (Thur) 8:00-10:00PM Modernization: Western Influences, Urbanization and Meiji Restoration
17 April (Sun) 3:00-5:00PM 20th Century: WWII and After

Venue: Rm 301, 3/F, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, 135 Junction Road
Fee: Please donate directly to the relief forces now working in Japan
Language: Cantonese

At a time when Japan is facing an unprecedented challenge, ArtMatters hopes to share with you our care for the country through a series of charity lectures.
Understanding brings empathy. We hope your appreciation can translate into something substantial — please donate to relief forces helping out in Japan.

Suggested charities
Hong Kong Red Cross
Save the Children Australia
World Vision Hong Kong

is founded by five art graduates now working in different cultural organizations. We believe that art and everyday life are closely connected and hope to share a humanistic vista wth all.

Enquiry and application
You are welcome to attend one or all of the lectures. For registration, please email us your name, mobile number and the dates of your partial/full participation on or before 4 April 2011.

Please forward this message to your friends!

藝術的力量—為日本打氣The Healing Power of Art – Send Your Support to Japan

March 21, 2011

“日本的情況每一分鐘都在變,我們難以想像日本人的恐懼與憂慮。由克服現時的困難到重建,將是漫長的過程。我們並不富有,亦沒有太大的力量,我們在遙遠的地方,感到無力……但我們相信藝術的力量。”﹣給日本的“朋友藝術” (Tomodachi Art for Japan):!/pages/Tomodachi-Art-for-Japan/105212499561453?sk=info

“Their situations are changing minute by minute and we cannot even imagine the level of fear and worries that they have to deal with for the safety of their loved ones and themselves. It will be a long long process for them to overcome, and rebuild. We are neither rich nor powerful, and we are feeling paralyzed in a far away land… but we believe in the HEALING POWER OF ART.” – Tomodachi Art for Japan:!/pages/Tomodachi-Art-for-Japan/105212499561453?sk=info


Khan Academy change education

March 15, 2011

Khan Academy,由Salman Khan创建。此人1977年出生,拥有MIT的三个学位:数学学士学位,电子工程与计算机科学学士以及硕士学位;他还拥有Harvard大学的MBA学位。

2004年的时候,他为了教自己的侄女,用YahooDoodle Notepad给她远程授课;后来因为很多亲戚朋友向他求助,2006年的时候,他注册了个Youtube账户,开始录制视频课程上传到Youtube上。2009年,他干脆辞去了金融领域的工作,专心于他的Khan Academy⋯⋯

Watch. Practice. Learn almost anything—for free.

What started out as Sal making a few algebra videos for his cousins has grown to over 2,100 videos and 100 self-paced exercises and assessments covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history.

Bill Gates note on Khan Academy




The Uniform Project: the same dress in 365 days

March 9, 2011

有翻過潮流雜誌的你,對那些七天mix & match示範大概不會陌生。發起The Uniform Project的Sheena將七天mix & match的精神發揚光大。在整整一年當中,Sheena的每天主打只是一條小黑裙。這項創意大挑戰並不是Sheena的無聊念頭:這是一項可持續發展的習作和支持在印度為貧民窟孩子提供教育的非牟利機構Akanksha Foundation 的籌款活動。

Sheena所有用來打扮的配件都不是買回來的,有些是廢物利用,有些則是來自他人。支持The Uniform Project的人,不單可以直接捐款,還可以捐出家中有餘的飾物給Sheena。


The Uniform Project首年籌得美金$103,378 ,支持287個孩子上學。

Flipping through the magazine, you can often find the 7-day styling guide in the abundance of cosmetic and high fashion ads.  In The Uniform Project, Sheena is pushing it to the extreme. Instead of a few main items for a whole week, Sheena wears the same little black dress for 365 days! This creative challenge is not just a random wild thought. Sheena does it with a cause: it is an exercise in sustainability and a fundraiser to support the Akanksha Foundation – a non-profit organization providing education to children living in Indian slums.

All the mix and match is done by recycled or donated accessories. So, if you support what Sheena is doing, you may choose from donating cash to the Akanksha Foundation or donating your unused accesories to help Sheena to sustain her project.

Sheena demonstrates that you can be stylish and socially conscious at the same time. Doing good does not mean that you have to stay being a hermit and stay away from the enjoyment of life. What you need afterall is CREATIVITY. Voice out your cause and make it fun.

The first year of The Uniform Project raised US$103,378 supporting 287 kids in school.

The Story of Electronics

March 7, 2011

In discussing electronic goods, most of the viewpoints surrounding us are micro and left-brained – how many mm thinner, how many seconds faster the process works, how many more hours the battery works…

How about looking it in a macro way – what are the social effects of the manufacture of the electronic goods? The Story of Electronics ( tells you more about these. (You will also find out why repairing a broken DVD player is often more expensive than buying a new one.

And think about your need instead of what others are telling you- does one need to be occupied by the phone, the iPad, the PSP every second on the way home?

With the $6000 ‘bonanza’, it seems that buying the iPad 2, or replacing the ‘old’ iPad with the seemingly upgraded one is a must-to-do without much thoughts needed. After watching The Story of Electronics, would you put some more thoughts in it?


Google Science Fair

March 3, 2011

For those young science lovers (13 – 18 years old ) out there who have brilliant ideas of creative science projects and want to change the world with the power of science, here’s a great chance for you to present your ideas to the whole world and win once in a life time prizes from Google. That is the Google Science Fair!

As a former engineering student and physics lover, I wish I could have such a chance when I was still a young school girl. So don’t hesitate and take action!

如果你是狂熱的科技愛好者,如果你有想做的或者正在進行的科學項目,如果你希望用科技的力量令世界變得更美好,那現在在你面前有一個絕佳的機會。你可以向全世界展示你的聰明才智,並贏走此生一次的大獎。這就是Google Science Fair!當然,你也要夠年輕(13-18歲)。



The Fun Theory

March 1, 2011

How can we get more people to use the stairs? How can we get more people to throw rubbish into the bin, rather than onto the ground? How can we get more people to recycle glass bottles even though they don’t get any money in return?

The answer is Fun. Fun is the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better. That’s the Fun Theory (

“The Speed Camera Lottery” is the winner of the Fun Theory Award last year. It uses a fun way to get more drivers obey the speed limit. It was so good that Volkswagen, together with The Swedish National Society for Road Safety, actually made this innovative idea a reality in Stockholm, Sweden.

Have a look and get inspired! Maybe you can come up with a new fun solution.


答案就是“有趣”(Fun)。有趣的方法最容易改變人們的行為。這就是Fun Theory(。

“The Speed Camera Lottery”是The Fun Theory Award去年的贏家,瑞典政府甚至與大眾汽車合作,在瑞典首都斯德哥爾摩將這個奇妙的點子付諸現實。

現在就點擊以下鏈接看看“The Speed Camera Lottery”是如何讓司機們心甘情願地遵守限速要求。也許你也會有一些改變世界的奇思妙想。