Bill Strickland-Poor people deserve…

February 16, 2011

(bilingual tells two different stories 雙語各自表述)

Bill Strickland-Poor people deserve…

這個TED talk是由內地“癮君子”級的TED粉絲Tony Yet推薦




1.看他如何 令“窮人”的緊閉心靈開放

2. 前web 2.0世界的“here comes everyone 未來是濕的”的非網絡版

3. 音樂帶來的幸福感


This is one of the best TED stories I’ve ever heard. The speaker is Bill Strickland – “Make change with a slide show”

Strickland founded Manchester Bidwell, a world-class institute in his native Pittsburgh devoted to vocational instruction in partnership with big business — and, almost incidentally, home to a Grammy-winning record label and a world-class jazz performance series. Yet its emphasis on the arts is no accident, as it embodies Strickland’s conviction that an atmosphere of high culture and respect will energize even the most troubled students.

Quote: “troubled students and poor mothers deserve a fountain, the world-class & professional education, high culture atmosphere and decent food in their life… in this kind of word, that can redeem the soul of poor people. ”

Also he showed a high level of “stickiness” in pre-web 2.0 world.





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